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The California County Information Services Directors Association is the official organization of the county information technology directors and Chief Information Officers in the state of California. We represent 52 of the 58 California counties in the area of information technology and county government.

This includes the sharing of new computer applications and products, staff development and training, consulting services to member counties and support organizations, and systems integration work between counties, the State of California and the federal government, for a variety of computer applications.

CCISDA holds membership on the Advisory and Executive Boards of the Government Technology Conference and Tech Expo Conference. The organization regularly provides speakers for both events in a variety of areas covering County government and technology.

The organization meets officially in conference twice each calendar year, usually once in northern California, and once in southern California. Our conference covers a four-day period, and includes specialized course work, workshops, seminars and information exchange in the above outlined areas, as well as a complete show of new products and services by some of America's major information technology corporations.
CCISDA History
Brief History of CCISDA

On June 7, 1957, ten people representing nine counties within the state of California met in Riverside, California. At this initial meeting they adopted a resolution forming the organization of California Association of County Data Processors (CACDP). A set of bylaws was drawn up and adopted. These bylaws have, with very few amendments, directed the organization ever since. In 1999, the Executive Board proposed and the organization adopted a new name, the California County Information Services Directors Association (CCISDA) to keep up with the changing terminology.

Initially, the organization met along with the County Auditors and Tax Collectors Associations at their combined state annual meeting through the 1961 meeting. At the Association’s business meeting on 11/17/1961, we voted to hold our meetings semi-annually in April and October of each year. In April 1962, CACDP had its first meeting separate from these other two state-wide associations.

Early in the life of CCISDA, it became evident that the frequent exchange of information and the comparison of experiences between our counties is very helpful to the efficient and effective operation of our individual departments. The semi annual meetings assisted the orderly growth of automated systems in our many varied county installations. In the early years an annual survey was taken among our counties to record the applications being performed. The survey facilitated the exchange of automated systems to other counties in our organization.

The Association grew and rapidly included representation by all Counties in California, except for some of the lesser populated areas. All California Counties are automatically a member in CCISDA and there are no membership dues. The Information Technology Director and key assistants from every county are encouraged to attend the semi annual conferences. These conferences are held in locations both in Southern and Northern California to facilitate attendance by all county IT departments.

The Association held its first vendor equipment show in conjunction with its Spring 1979 meeting. The Emeryville Holiday Inn did not have enough electrical power in its exhibit room to run the power-hungry computers of the time, so a motor-generator was leased and parked outside the hotel to power our exhibits. Vendor exhibits have been a major feature of all our conferences since that date.
CCISDA Past Presidents
Past Presidents of CCISDA

1957 Karl Sheel - Santa Clara
1958 Gene Wingo - Kern
1959 Howard Chadsey - Los Angeles
1960 Karl Sheel - Santa Clara
1961 Woody Williams - Riverside
1962 Frank Cleary - San Mateo
1963 Jim Fallon - Orange
1964 John Evanston - Fresno
1965 Ben Dowdy - Contra Costa
1966 Elton Simmons - Stanislaus
1967 Joel Hauser - San Bernardino
1968 Jim Sharp - San Luis Obispo
1969 Dave Brewer - Los Angeles
1970 Al Stumpf - Sonoma
1971 George Vandermate - Santa Clara
1972 Otis "Bud" Bird - Solano
1973(1st half) Bob Farmer - Orange
1973 (2nd half) Jim Gilchrist - Placer
1974 Al Nichols  -San Diego
1975 John Mann - Tulare
1976 OJ Sutherland - Monterey
1977 Degrey Dixon - Stanislaus
1978 Tom Johnson - Santa Clara
1979 Mike Shaughnessy - Alameda
1980 Karl Liechty - Imperial
1981 Jim Collison - Kings
1982 Larry Drake - Kern
1983 Dave Richter - San Luis Obispo
1984 Carol Spiller - Sutter
1985 Cecil Harrell - Monterey
1986 Billie Nails - San Joaquin
1987 Jerry Hall - Santa Clara
1988 Marinelle Thompson - Contra Costa
1989 Luther Perry - Santa Cruz
1990 Ben Dresden - Marin
1991 Bob Stucky - Monterey
1992 (1st half) George Broderson - Napa
1992 (2nd half) John Fullinwider - San Diego
1993 Ken Wedderburn - Kings
1994 Carl Hopkins - Santa Barbara
1995 Dave Macdonald - Alameda
1996 John M. Wade - San Luis Obispo
1997 Steven Steinbrecher - Contra Costa
1998 Charles Wright - Stanislaus
1999 Jeffery Denning - San Joaquin
2000 Gary Aslanian - Santa Clara
2001 Janette Pell - Kern
2002 Matt Carroll - Ventura
2003 Steve Reneker - Riverside
2004 Ben Wilson - Napa
2005 Clark Bennett - San Joaquin
2006 Steve Monaghan - Nevada
2007 Satish Ajmani - Orange
2008 Matt Frymire - Riverside
2009 Howard Stohlman - Calaveras
2010 Gregg Jacob - Tuolumne
2011 Kevin Bowling - Santa Cruz
2012 Joyce Wing - Santa Clara
2013 Guy Savage - San Luis Obispo and Howard Stohlman - Calaveras
2014 Kevin Bowling - Santa Cruz
2015 Charlie Haase - Marin
2016 Mike Pettit - Ventura
2017 Peg Yeates - Tulare